NBC Advertisement It all led up to the moment before. These more personal elements will also drive the story when the series. ", Michael: "Have you been asking Janet to make herself clothesthat you give back to her?". If youre wondering how many times William Jackson Harper made me cry during #TheGoodPlace fall finale, it was at least five, If my relationships dont live up to my Chidi and Eleanor expectations my life is doomed and all is pointless #TheGoodPlace, ELEANOR IS THE ANSWER ELEANOR IS THE ANSWER ELEANOR IS THE ANSWER ELEANOR IS THE ANSWER ELEANOR IS THE ANSWER ELEANOR IS THE ANSWER ELEANOR IS THE ANSWER ELEANOR IS THE ANSWER ELEANOR IS THE ANSWER ELEANOR IS THE ANSWER ELEANOR IS THE ANSWER ELEANOR IS THE ANSWER #TheGoodPlace, chidi and eleanors love is so damn pure wow, SOULMATES DO EXIST AND THEY ARE ELEANOR AND CHIDI. But the episode is mostly here so we can see how Eleanor and Chidi's relationship progressed from his point-of-view. Her favorite "book" is Kendall Jenner's Instagram feed. This line item includes all the torture the core four faced during this first experiment: Chidi's forever stomachache, Eleanor's clown art, Jason having to stay quiet and his diarrhea from all . Eleanor tells him that she needs his help to teach her to be good so she can remain in The Good Place. And how Chidi spent his time asking those closest to him some tough questions, like when he asked Jason how he knew that Janet was the one. Eleanor smiled up at him, the mischievous look in her eyes telling Chidi everything he needed to know about what she was thinking; she had pulled it off. Shes cute Kristen Bell as Eleanor, William Jackson Harper as Chidi, Ted Danson as Michael. We've often viewed the relationship from Eleanor's perspective, which is fine because Kristen Bell is an amazing actress, but sometimes it made things feel one-sided. Eleanor introduces her as her mother, who quickly tries saying she is actually her sister but gives up since its her ex-husband's funeral. As the show evolved, Chidi and Eleanors romance went from a pleasant possibility to endgame. Chidi finally learns his lesson of agonizing over every small detail and admits that there's no "right answer" except for Eleanor. Despite this, they both begin attending Chidi's classes on ethics and the study of being a good person in an attempt to belong. Eleanor started as a self-described Arizona dirtbag selfish and self-centered to an extreme degree. "Chidi I did something nice for someone back there!" The wave returns to the ocean. Chidi walks up and kisses Eleanor, both realizing that their feelings are reciprocal. He kissed the top of her head. Their story is never . Despite the footage, Eleanor laughs and continues to go to the same coffee shop while also calling things off with Samuel before he could, revealing she read his emails to his dad. "Eleanor, Michael and Chris after learning Linda wasn't a real resident. He was morally obligated to teach her though, so there wasnt much he could do to get away from her. He couldnt help it; she was cute. ", Warning: MAJOR spoilers from Season 4, Episode 9 of The Good Place. You'd have me hunch or something and then stand there and say 'Gurp. Eleanor agrees the mission was a good one. Confirming Tahani's suspicions, it is revealed that Linda was actually the demon Chris sent by Shawn to tamper with the experiment. I dont care who you are or what your opinion is; there will never be any couple in any show that will top chidi and Eleanor. Eleanor nearly instinctively bent down and picked the book back up, handing it to the resident that dropped it. Talking with Michael, they voice how the ethics classes are going well but then Chidi walks up, saying that Brent only showed up once and that he should've been the professor. She decides to tell Chidi and Simone that they are . Eleanor and Chidi walked past the restaurant at night, watching all the other soulmates eating together. She orders Janet to make a popcorn river, much to Janet's annoyance, and then holds another meeting about the set-back. I can't picture it; I've been hot my whole life!Eleanor to Chidi. By But that knowledge is what gives life meaning. This moment is both charming and heartfelt, serving to remind us that what makes this ragtag group so endearing is how intimately they understand the nature of communities and what they need to thrive. Youve been an awesome teacher., And youve been an awesome student, Chidi smiled back at her, noticing how nervous she seemed about what he thought was nothing, Ive just been youre teacher for one day, this is you. But, Vicky threatens Michael. D'Arcy Carden played both Chidi and Eleanor during their kiss. Brent: "Also, frankly. Selflessly, Chidi agrees not to move on so Eleanor won't be alone, but after he agrees, she remembers all of her lessons on selfishness. :). In the series finale, Eleanor tells Chidi to leave her without saying another goodbye because she can't handle watching him walk away into an abyss without her. Eleanor is still unsure who to believe and goes for a walk, encountering Chidi where they were just playing Magic Pictionary. Then, on the walk to Chidi's apartment, she processed what had just happened. The show at its root is about four people Eleanor, Chidi, Jason Mendoza (Manny Jacinto), and Tahani Al-Jamil (Jameela Jamil) who have to form a society together in an afterlife they know. knows she must speak up. As season 4 progresses, Eleanor realizes that she has to get Chidi and Simone together in order for Simone to accept her fate in the afterlife. Misunderstandings. Note: We must blow a farewell kiss to the couples who have been squeezed out of the Top 51 (due to a tie) over the years: DeckerStar, CaptainSwan and Greys Anatomys Alex and Jo (who were in a three-way tie and got bumped in July 2022), Avalance, Malec, Parks and Recs Leslie/Ben, LoVe,The Nannyand Mr. Sheffield,Game of Thrones Missandei/Grey Worm, Moonlightings Dave/Maddie, and, yes, Cheers Sam/Diane. But Eleanor again denies this. This view changes when Eleanor receives another message from anonymous saying to meet them in the town square. The four of them were specifically chosen to inflict pain on one another, not with whips and fire, but with social engages. Eleanor is the only one who passes the test, which solely hinges on how well she knows Chidi. After he wipes their memories, he's gonna start over, but this time he's going to spread them farther apart in order to make it more agonizing and longer. The weight of spending eternity with a single romantic partner opens up a worthwhile door of exploration, but The Good Place snaps it shut almost immediately: Jason gets Chidi to give himself a pep talk, and he realizes who they were on Earth is a small part of who they are now. Well, for future reference, maybe dont kiss anyone that says theyre proud of you, Chidi smiled, and she laughed, but you can kiss me whenever you want.. They've earned this, and it's a beautiful sequence of soft moments to watch and it's everything the fans wanted for them. Michael then asks Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason for help in hiding this fact, they form "Team Cockroach." He thought she could only make him miserable, but she wasnt. Their relationship was at its most fascinating in the early days of the series when they were making overtures at a nascent friendship. He still hasn't learned the concept of self-preservation and lying at this point, deciding to come clean to Michael about killing Janet. No matter how many times Michael tries to repeat the torture and reboot the core four, Chidi always helps Eleanor become a better person. Utilizing this, Eleanor calls for Janet as a means to get through to Linda, telling her she can ask Janet for anything and proceeds to give an example of a baby elephant made of pure light that tells you true secrets about the Universe. He thought she could only make him miserable, but she wasnt. Their newly-minted statuses also mean they won't be able to lean on each other much for the entire experiment. #TheGoodPlace, Correction: @KristenBell is the answer to the ultimate question. (Colleen Hayes/NBC) Good morning, class. Everything Everywhere All at Once leads with eight nominations tonight. Eleanor ( Kristen Bell) suspects that Chidi ( William Jackson Harper) is ready to leave and panics. Chidi Mokeme who posted the video on his Instagram page stated that he and Kate Henshaw have been friends for more than 30 years, dating back to before their Nollywood careers. He gathers testaments from Chidi, Tahani, and Jason. Eleanor: "Yep, you're doing the math right there, bud. Try going to HomePage by using the button below. of her. He then sacrifices his own pin to get her to the judge. For the first time ever, I'm the smartest kid in class. Despite not remembering most of his shared afterlives with Eleanor, when they come back from their second chance to live their lives on earth, Chidi gives Janet (D'Arcy Carden) a note before he has his memory wiped. Chidi thought it was determination. Eleanor was there by mistake, and it broke his heart. Chidis lips turned up slightly. Chidi tries to talk her out of it, but ends up killing Janet himself to stop Jason from doing it. Faced with the reality of going to the Bad Place, Eleanor earnestly tries to become a "good person" to remain in The Good Place. Chidi, though, is a Kantian, meaning he believes it's immoral to lie, and Eleanor turns to a theory called moral particularism to convince him that it's ok to lie just this once. In. Wont she grow bored of him? This prompts Eleanor to "clean-up" her act and seriously focus on being good. These are the best moments between Eleanor and Chidi through their many lives together. So she says they are to stay at Mindy's until they come up with a plan. When it comes to that first kiss, its all about the buildup and our favorite TV shows certainly love to make us wait for that much-anticipated first smooch. It's one of the first unselfish things she does in the show and the first real step we see Eleanor take toward becoming a better person. "Oh, surely not!". But more than anything else, the episode is undergirded by the strength and purpose of friendship. Nothing about Chidi and Eleanor's love story has been traditional leading up to Season 3, so why should their biggest kiss in the series? The lead characters, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason, are just regular people who think they lived alright lives, but for various reasons, they've been sent to a strange variation of Hell. Eleanor started as a self-described Arizona dirtbag selfish and self-centered to an extreme degree. Basically, things get real at this moment, and it's the first significant milestone in their pursuit of forever. The Moment Eleanor Fell for Chidi - The Good Place (Episode Highlight) - YouTube Michael (Ted Danson) shows Eleanor (Kristen Bell) the moment she fell in love with Chidi (William Jackson. Chidi arrives hyperventilating and the two calm him down. The mom took to TikTok last month to share the story of how a school assignment given to her 5-year-old . In fact, youre acting completely different right now. Should I not have done that? Eleanor asked, looking down at the ground and fidgeting with her sleeves slightly again. Eleanor comes up with a plan to get into the Bad Place. They make their own blueprint for what love should be and it results in significant character growth on both sides, as well as the foundation for an impenetrable bond. Then they heard a thump, and noticed someone walking ahead of them had dropped a book. Also, Chidi writing a note to remember Eleanor mirrored when Eleanor did the same thing during the Season 1 finale. As soon as Michael leaves she sits down and asks Chidi if he'll stand by her no matter what. "Brent, Michael and Eleanor during the Chaos Sequence. With the prospect of having her memory wiped, Eleanor realizes that the only one who hold onto something through a reboot would be Janet. Eleanor almost immediately improves her selfishness every time she meets Chidi, highlighting how much better they make each other. Hes now after regaining every memory of his many afterlife existences confident and self-assured. Faced with the possibility of going to the Bad Place, Michael takes pity on Eleanor and arranges for her to stay in the Good Place but needs to prove that she's good. During his time on earth, Chidi dedicated his entire life to wading through philosophical theory in pursuit of the universe's biggest questions. Liz Hewett 's daughter's project took on a whole new life in a way she never expected. Eleanor then tells Michael to come clean, Michael telling them that Sean was going to use it to torture the Soul Squad. Eleanor and Chidi are in Janet's void when the wild yet touchingly beautiful kiss happens, making the moment one of the wildest onscreen kisses we've ever seen on TV. At first, Eleanor believes that Tahani was sending her that threatening letter, but after shadowing her neighbor for a while, Eleanor then believes that the letters are actually a subconscious guilt-trip made by her own mind. Obsessed with travel? Janet confesses her love to Jason, which inspires Chidi. At first, it is Eleanor who grows frazzled at this possibility, frantically reassuring Chidi of their love and vowing that he shouldnt read her file, before changing her mind and encouraging him to do so. Michael negotiates with his superiors, who've determined that at least two people must go to The Bad Placethey don't care which two. Just like in Season 1, they begin arguing after talking for a short period of time, and Eleanor realizes that they aren't in the Good Place. Eleanor to Janet. , he thought. 2023 TVLine Media, LLC. Eleanor had to keep the secret that she was a horrible person, Chidi was faced with the dilemma of harboring a fugitive and his inability to make choices, which managed to make everyone miserable and destroy all his relationships, Tahani was fulfilling her good motives with bad intentions, and Jason who is from Florida and thinks Molotov cocktails can solve every problem. The wave was just a different way for the water to be for a little while. Basically, I'll be crying over Chidi and Eleanor until. is queens of mystery based on a book, forgot to track miles for doordash,